International Contest “Online Teacher”



International Contest “Online Teacher” 

Competition`s requirements:

The competition is open to teachers who work in Ukraine and abroad.

The competition takes place in two rounds:

The first round is held from 11.09.2016 till 12.09.2016 .

In the first round participants sent “live lessons” presented in the form as a link on YouTube.  The duration of of the lesson is 45 minutes, it must be recorded by any video equipment and registered on YouTube (allowing slight adjustments for unforeseen cases).  

The Commission takes into account the didactic sequence and appropriateness of each stage of the lesson, heuristic elements during explanation of the new knowledge, psychological aspects of interaction between teachers and students.


All materials sent to the email address:


To the International Contest “Online Teacher”

Vasiliy Chuy,teacher of mathematics in School №2, Rivne region, Ukraine.

Links on YouTube (lesson):

       Phone number   +380506205831

       Email address:


The second round is held from 09.01.2017 till 19.02.2017.

Competition`s requirements for the second round are On-line lessons in the distance learning system. For the second round  participants prepare completed topic from its subject.

There is no age limit, no restrictions in the choice of theme, subject, class.

Final and awarding winners will be held from 21.02. till 03.01.2017 in England and Finland.

Sponsors of the competition:
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ltd. “New school” Ltd.”Psycho-Pedagogical Center” New learning technologies “,” TV “Sfera TV”, International Non-profit platform “New Markets”, Microsoft, Platform Youtube.


The competition jury:

Lilia Grinevich, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, PhD.

Irina Konstankevych, MP of Ukraine, Doctor of Philology.

Basil Chuy, Director of Ltd “Psycho-Pedagogical Center” New learning technologies “,” project supervisor “New School”, “Schedule”, the author of the multimedia textbook “Mathematics 5, 6”, International Coordinator of the project “Education of Ukraine 2020”

Evgeniy Levchenko, director of “The New School”, “Schedule”

Natalia Herasimchuk, deputy director for educational work of Comprehensive School №22, Rivne.

Alla Moroz, deputy director for educational work  of Zhuravsky EC.

Andrew Nagorny, director of EC №2 “School – Lyceum” in Rivne.

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